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A medieval village perched on top of a hill, with a river, unique scenic views on the countryside around, elected as one of the most beautiful French villages.

The Beach at Le Veillon

One of the prettiest beaches in Vendée, this one has beautiful sand dunes, and a very wide bay that reveals amazing nature and wildlife at low tide.

Le Puy du Fou is a full-scale show recreating the legendary fights of middle age. With many shows both at day-time and night-time, as well as its numerous activities, you are sure to live an extraordinary experience.

The coast of Vendée

The fresh air of the Atlantic coast blows not only on the white sand beaches of les Sables d'Olonne, of Saint Gilles Croix de Vie, of Saint Jean De Monts to quote only the most famous ones, but also on the isles such as île de Noirmoutier or île d'Yeu. Whether you enjoy windsurf, surf, bodyboard or only sunbathing, you will be delighted.


You can also walk in Vendée. Well-trodden paths such as "the two fountains" (2.3 miles) or "La Jarrie" (3 to 4 miles) will take you through a remarkable sightseeing tour of le bocage. If you prefer, you can also fish in the neighbouring lakes.


Vendée is the most bike-friendly French department with more than 450 miles of bicycle paths (a record in France), specific signs, maximum security as well as routes running through breathtaking landscapes and historical sites. La Lozangère is no exception with 16 miles of bicycle paths running through the neighbourhood.

In the heart of the Boulogne valley, this site will take you through the history of Vendée, from the hunters of Neolithic to Gallo-Roman roads, from renowned humanists of the Enlightenment to soldiers of 1793 and villages of the past century. This unique concept in France also sports an additional museum for children. Entrance is free for children below 18.

La Roche sur Yon

The Napoleon square is the central point of la Roche sur Yon. It is also the starting point of a walking trail that will take you from the Saint Louis church to the theather, to the old clock square, the enlightenment house, the national stud farm, then to the Yon river where you will enjoy a boat ride before ending your trip at the city hall. You can also do this trip on a horse carriage.

The Élise water-mill

The most curious of you will discover at Poiré sur Vie the way a real water-mill works. Fully renovated with its water wheel, there are daily demonstrations of flour extraction. You can also wander on the site, fish in the nearby lake (with games for children) or visit the cereal garden where you will discover what can be cultivated both in winter and spring.

At Aubigny, the museum of records will show unusual or usual items, recent or ancient items, all of them with a record size. This museum will take you to a world of excesses, where each item is the exact replica of the original model, except for its size. All of the items displayed are fully functional and you will learn how they were built: with traditional methods and gestures, and with traditional materials. There are also occasional craftsmen demonstrating.

The Papon windmill lake

Near la Roche sur Yon, the lake of the Papon windmill offers a walking or biking trail (6 miles) within enchanting surroundings. Should you wish to sail, the local sailing club will take children or adults on the lake.

There is also...

A horse-riding club 2km away, the Chabotterie Lodge at St Sulpice le Verdon, the Blue-Beard Castle at Tiffauges, the south Vendée piers at Fontenay-le-Comte, the mining center at Faymoreau, the tree and honey house at Poiroux, the natural park at St Denis du Payré, the dragonfly house at Chaillé sous les Ormeaux, the karting circuit at Belleville sur Vie, the old cooking ustensils museum at St Denis la Chevasse, the abbey at Nieul sur l'Autise, the "marais salants" at Vie, Beauland Park at St Hilaire de Riez, as well as the salt ponds of les Sables d'Olonne... Official tourist guides available.